CASA for Douglas County Board of Directors Application
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Is your membership being sponsored by your place of employment?
Skills, Experiences, and Interests that you are willing to share with CASA for Douglas County (check all that apply)
Are you able to commit to attending Board meetings the second Tuesday of the month from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm?
The term of a Board member is three years. Are you able to commit to serving on the Board of Directors for three years?
As a matter of transparency, no board member shall: 1. Have a pending child welfare or juvenile justice case 2. Be a foster parent in Douglas County 3. Work for an organization actively providing services to children in the child welfare/juvenile justice system. All members will be asked to sign a Conflict of Interest statement annually which will include the above listed items, as well as, additional exclusionary criteria and guidance for board, staff and volunteers. Would you be able to comply with the conflict of interest criteria stated above?
Are you willing to submit for a background check should you be nominated as a potential member to the Board of Directors?
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