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Training, empowering, and inspiring volunteer advocates to improve the lives of abused and neglected children.

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Latest News

Kelli Eastman has been a CASA for 2 years and recently started on her 3rd case. Thank you, Kelli, for all that you do! 

Deb Ponec has only been with CASA since July 2021, but her passion is clearly visible, and she is already making a big impact. The youth on her second case will also thrive because Deb has said “YES”. Thank you, Deb, for your commitment to CASA and for making such an impact! 

Karen McClelland has been on her case for three years. She has a strong relationship with the boys, her team, and foster mom. Within the past few months, with adoption on the horizon, the oldest boy has been struggling with this idea. Because of this CASA, the boys still have a chance to find a forever home!

Katy Gonzalez was sworn in in March 2021 and took over for a CASA who had been on the case for over 2 ½ years.  When Katy accepted the case, the youth ran from her placement the day before she was scheduled to meet with her. Katy had a hearing on December, and because of this CASA, the youth had a voice in court.

Tricia Lovejoy was recently sworn in and accepted her first case.  She was assigned a teen boy with 4 brand new entries on his juvenile criminal history in 3 different counties. 

Debra Raymond is the advocate for 6 of the 9 children on her case.  She has been the advocate for over a year and the case was moving in the direction of reunification.  There are a lot of moving parts.

CASA Volunteers impact our whole community.

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  • CASA was my bright spot.

    This past year I worked as a nurse on a COVID unit in Omaha. Working on my CASA case, making sure that I did everything I could to ensure my child was protected became something of a refuge for me. I couldn't think of a better way to advocate on behalf of a child and for my community.
    *–Monique, CASA Volunteer since 2018