Friends of CASA is a membership organization that's committed to improving the lives of neglected and abused children. Through community awareness, special initiatives, and fundraising efforts, we proudly support CASA of Douglas County.


Friends of CASA will:

  1. Assist in fundraising efforts for the benefit of CASA for Douglas County
  2. Enhance public awareness and understanding of CASA for Douglas County, a nonprofit agency providing advocacy to children in the foster care system
  3. Engage in special projects supporting youth, advocates and staff.
  • CASA Classic is Friends of CASA's premier fundraising event held at Oak Hills Country Club annually.  This event brings corporate partners, individuals and the nonprofit community together to heighten awareness of Omaha's children caught in the child welfare system.
  • Project Hope Pack partners with 14 child-serving organizations to provides backpacks full of necessities and comfort items to children (ages 3-19) who are taken out of crisis situations. Hope Packs provide a child a sense of comfort and normalcy in a time that is marked by extreme instability.
  • Staff/Volunteer Appreciation is an opportunity for Friends of CASA to celebrate the efforts of staff and volunteers as they advocate for children in foster care.


There are two levels of membership for Friends of CASA.

  1. Active Member: Active members (1) attend bi-monthly Friends of CASA meetings (2) join a special project committee, and (3) attend annual meeting. Active members are considered for leadership roles.  Active members pay $35 annually for membership dues.
  2. Inactive Member: Inactive members are not required to participate in Friends of CASA activities, attend general meetings or serve on committees. Inactive members are invited to attend the Friends of CASA annual meeting and will receive the annual report. Inactive members are non-voting members ineligible for officer positions. Inactive members pay $50 or more in membership dues.

Meet the Leadership Team

If you have questions regarding Friends of CASA, please contact Cassie Jetter at