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December 2021 Mission Moments

Tricia Lovejoy was recently sworn in and accepted her first case.  She was assigned a teen boy with 4 brand new entries on his juvenile criminal history in 3 different counties.  Within an hour of meeting her youth for the first time, Tricia had this big, angry teen melting.  She is a natural!  She looked right at him, listened, and asked interesting questions.  He has refused to go to his last two, court-ordered therapy appointments.  Tricia told him that she would be personally escorting him to his next session.  We look forward to seeing the role she will take on his life! 

Debra Raymond is the advocate for 6 of the 9 children on her case.  She has been the advocate for over a year and the case was moving in the direction of reunification.  There are a lot of moving parts to the case between the teen girl who is on the run with her baby, the children making reports there are seeing their biological father on visits, and two of the girls starting to open up about the sexual abuse they endured.  Debra’s tenacity in digging through information, calling therapists, calling school, and being in constant contact with the foster homes has allowed her to provide pertinent information to the team.  Visits have been returned to fully supervised visits and the team is discussing next steps for the family.